No matter if you are craving Italian, Chinese, American, French, Seafood, Sushi, Mexican or a good American burger you wont go hungry in Zihuatanejo.  There are over 200 restaurants in the local area.  Some of the best are off the beaten path, but worth the trip.  Even Mexican food being the most popular option offers many different dishes that have yet to make it stateside. 

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A great meal does't have to cost a fortune.  Many of the better restaurants are very reasonably priced. A few of the closer restaurants will deliver to the resort upon request for a fee.  Pacific Vacation Resort recommends BandidosCoco Bahia Botanas & Tapas, El Mediteranneo and Chuleto which are all within walking distance from the resort.   Ruben's HamburgersBeccofinoBistro Soleiadio are in Ixtapa a ten minute taxi ride.

The Artist Market in Zihuatanejois where locals sell the beautiful hand crafted platers that hang in Pacific Vacation kitchens.  The market is a great place to pick up trinkets and souvenirs for loved one who didn't make the trip with you.  Silver jewelry is also a big seller in the markets.  Many of the items that the "beach vendors" offer are found at lower prices in the market than on the beach.   The Artist Market is a must do for a an afternoon in Zihuatanejo. 

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