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StayPv Access Pins ~ A Real Sticking Point

What are those cute little lapel pins with the Pacific Vacation logo on the tables next to the front doors of villa Bahia and villa Encantada? Those are security pins. They are your access both out and back into the security gate of Puerto Mio.

Guest most of the time will have a StayPV team member with them when leaving the villas at Pacific Vacation. However, in the event that a guest or the entire group is unaccompanied at the main gate of Puerto Mio, security will ask you to show your pin. This is for exiting and entrance. Wait, I need a pin to exit? Sure do! We recommend attaching the pin to your beach bag.

Our neighborhood is not accessible by people from the beach at Contramar or guests from the Villa Vera, the hotel above, or other neighborhoods. Clearly to "cut thought" Puerto Mio is a much quicker walk from other neighborhoods to the bridge that crosses over the lagoon. After crossing the guest find the self at the local pier.

Security will not open the gates for people approaching from either inside or outside without a pin. If a person walks to the front gate without a pin from the villas they are turned away. Security will not assume you are a guest of Pacific Vacation.


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