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Beaches Zihuatanejo Mexico

Zihuatanejo is located on the Pacific Ocean in a perfect horseshoe bay. The bay shoreline is a mix of gold sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. The cliffs divided the sandy beach around the horseshoe bay into five distinctive beaches. 

La Playa Principal Zihuatanejo Mexico

La Playa Principal, which is the public beach located in front of the town. The local fisherman beaches their skiffs here during the day. They fish at night and in the morning display and sell their catch to the local market and restaurants.

El Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande

At the north end of the beach is El Muelle Municipal (Municipal Pier), one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks. Near the entrance one can find the El Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande, a tiny museum.

pier zihuatanejo mexico
public pier zihuatanejo mexico

The Pier is where you can catch a boat to Playa Las Gatas (or where you can find your way to and from your cruise ship).  Playa Principal isn’t the best choice for swimming or lounging due to all boats and fishers and assorted comings and goings, not to mention that it’s at the mouth of the canal where rainwater goes running off into the bay.  

playa la madera zihuatanejo mexico

A short walk from Playa Principal is Playa La Madera, which means “Wood Beach” in English. The 2 km long beach is popular mainly because it’s close to downtown and nearby residential areas. Still, truth be told, it isn’t nearly as attractive and appealing as La Ropa or Las Gatas for more typical beach activities. For one, the sand here tends to be hard and wet, and it's very rocky in places. It is great for admiring the ocean and the bay from the seaside walkway, which is pretty spectacular. The beach itself is a great place to play or bodyboard in the bay's roughest yet safe waves. The break can be pretty strong. The beach area is a bit rustic, at times stunning, and at other times just a bit stumpy.

overhead playa la rope zihuatnejo meico

The pirates fired on the galleon without even having to pull up anchor and the galleon was scuttled. The cargo of Chinese silk clothing washed up all over the beach, which is how “clothes beach” got its name.

parasailing playa la ropa zihuatanejo mexico
banana water ride playa la ropa

Playa La Ropa is a great spot for swimming, parasailing, fishing, sailing, jogging, doing sports, or just taking long romantic walks and enjoying the scenery. This beach is wide, stunningly beautiful, and very inviting.  

Another of our favorite spots, Playa Las Gatas, is a great place for swimming and snorkeling and lounging in the sun. It’s one of the few spots on the Pacific Coast that boasts the gorgeous turquoise water most often seen around the Caribbean.

The view is beautiful and such requirements for a proper day at a Mexican beach, such as seafood, beer, and even messages, are available.  Playa de las Gatas, located at the extreme southern end of the bay, is accessible by water taxi from the municipal pier or a footpath along the rocky coast from la ropa. There is no road. 

overhead isla ixtapa mexico

Taking the boat to Isla Ixtapa is one of the most popular daytime diversions for vacationers in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo. The excursion takes you straight to a little beach cove carpeted with light gold sand and bordered by crystalline water in the right conditions.

Getting there is half the fun. You can hire a panga, a small, open, motorized boat, or join others to take a collective water taxi ride from the Zihuatanejo Municipal pier. If you prefer a more personalized experience, hire a guide to take you to the island and show you some of the best spots for swimming, snorkeling, dining, and drinking. You can also join locals by hopping on a ferry from Playa Linda. 

beach on island ixtapa mexico

Adventure seekers may consider a package expedition by hiring a fishing boat, stopping to fish en route, and landing on the island with enough time to snorkel while one of the restaurants grills your catch.

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