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  • Is the villas available to rent on my dates?
    Our booking site will only allow you to book dates that the villa is open for rent. If your dates are not able to be booked, it is because some or all of your dates are not available for rent. Also, the pricing on our booking site reflects the current rental prices.
  • Do you accept walk-in guests?
    No. We require a reservation to notify staff and security of your arrival.
  • Do you offer airport pick up and or drop off?
    A single airport pickup and drop-off are included in your rental rate. If your group requires more than one airport pick-up/drop-off time, an extra charge of $50 will apply.
  • How do I reserve a villa at Pacific Vacation?
    Book online using our online booking system at You may also email or call or text USA 972-385-8085 or Mexico 755-120-5358 to book.
  • Do kids / babies / children count in the occupancy?
    Yes, occupancy limit that is stated as part of my vacation rental permit issued to be by the city . The number of guest is limited to 2 guest per bedroom, because we only have king beds. Traveling with an infant that requires a crib is the only exception to the occupancy rule. We can provide a pack and play, but do not have a crib onsite. We have no other "baby" items onsite. Children are to be supervised by an adult over 18 at all times. We no longer have any kids games or toys due neglect from past guest.
  • Are children welcome at the villas?
    Yes. We welcome families. Children are to be accompanied by an adult member of your travel party at all times. This includes swimming in the pool. We offer no babysitting services. Children are not to be supervised by the staff; they have job duties that require their attention.
  • What time is check-in?
    Airport pickup/check-in is between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. If you require a later airport pickup/check-in, please let us know in advance.
  • What time is check out?
    Check-out is at 11 am. If you require a later checkout, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • How does ordering groceries, beverages, and meals work?
    We only provide pre-stocking for guest who are staying at Pacific Vacation. We do not offer this service to other properties. We offer a variety of meals, beverages and groceries for pre-stocking. You can read all about the ordering process you can order
  • Can the villa be stock with food and beverages before our arrival?
    Yes, we have a pre-stocking available. Just pick your meals, drinks, and other items at, pay for your items. The Pacific Vacation staff will have everything waiting for your group. Please note that brand substitutions may be required on food items at the time due to market limitations in the local area.
  • Is the chef included with the villa rental?
    Yes. When you book a vacation rental home at Pacific Vacation, you won't have to worry about the hassle of grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking because we have you covered. Our private chefs will cater to your every need and preference, so you can have the ultimate dining experience.
  • I can't get my phone number to work for the food order?
    Your phone number needs to include the country code. For the USA 001. Enter phone as shown 0019723478085
  • Can I have a party / wedding / photoshoot at the villa?
    EVENTS / PARTIES: Pacific Vacation | StayPV Resort may be used for weddings, receptions, parties, or other large gatherings that include outside guests. We offer event services under a separate contract by request. FILMING / PHOTOSHOOTS: Filming any still or motion pictures in any format that requires more than two persons or any specialized gear, apparatus, or crew is strictly prohibited. Castings, interviews, or photoshoots are not allowed in the Pacific Vacation | StayPV Resort. We offer filming/photoshoot services under a separate contract. Guests agree not to use the premises for any commercial activities or purpose that violates any criminal law or governmental regulation.
  • Where is Pacific Vacation located?
    We are located inside the exclusive Puerto Mio area. Travel up Paseo del Morro, pass the bridge, and dive shop. When you come to the fork in the road, keep right up the hill, do not go down the hill to the marina. Continue up the hill until you reach the wooden gate. Security is at the gate and will ask for your name and which property you are visiting. Proceed into the secure area of Puerto Mio and turn right at the bend in the road. Pacific Vacation will be down the road on the left-hand side inside the second brown gate with a sign. A member of our staff will greet you and show you to your villa.
  • How much do I tip the staff?
    Tipping is always a touchy and confusing aspect of travel. It is important to remember that tipping is always at the discretion of the traveler. If you are satisfied with your service received at your Pacific Vacation (as I am sure you), a good guideline to be used at a villa is cruise ship tipping which tends to be 20% of the passage. If the Pacific Vacation team exceeds your expectations, a great tip would be roughly 25% of the rental price divided among the entire team. Please remember that if your rental is during the holidays, it is customary to increase the tip. You can read more about tipping here.
  • Will my cell phone work?
    Cell phone carriers vary. You will need to contact your carrier about rates and usage before flying to Mexico.
  • Does Pacific Vacation Resort accept credit cards?
    We do accept credit cards for bookings, online food and beverage orders, and online souvenir orders. Your charge will be processed by a USA bank using PayPal. If you reside outside of the USA, please ensure that your credit card company or issuing bank allows PayPal international charges to your card. Also, if you plan to use a credit card will in Mexico, your issuing bank might require advance notice for fraud protection.
  • Can I bring my service dog/ EMS support animal?
    All Pets, emotional and service animals are prohibited. NO EXPECTATIONS. Mexico does not have laws regarding service animal accessibility in private homes. If an animal is found on the premises, the animal will be removed and boarded at a local shelter or veterinarian's office at the Guest's expense. The Guest is responsible for remedying all animal damages and the cost of remediation, including animal allergen remediation, flea remediation, and reimbursement. This includes any fees necessary to relocate or compensate for the relocation of future guests until remediation is completed. The Guest will be evicted for refusal to relocate the animal.
  • Do we accept pets?
    NO PETS. Due to the villas' indoor/outdoor living areas, even the best pets have difficulty with where "inside begins" and "outside ends." This leads to pets using areas that are not intended for bathrooms.
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