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The Team

Pacific Vacation has a team of rockstars that have been taking care of guests for over 10 years. They take great pride in being a key part of the vacation experience at Pacific Vacation. It takes a great team to run the villas and guests will often see all team members helping with dinner services, party planning, arrival and departure tasks. 




Carlos is the leader of the team at Pacific Vacation. He  is the main point of contact for guests during their stay. He will be picking you from the airport and arrange all your outings, coordinate meals with the chef, arrange onsite spa services all while handling the local business end of running the villa for Aharon and Jeannine.



Gardner / Facilities Manager

Adrian is the keeper of the paradise that is Pacific Vacation. The beautiful plants 🌸and meticulously maintained villas are the loving work of Adrian. He supervises outside maintenance vendors. He also works with Carlos handling shopping for guests and meal services with the chef.



Daily Maid Service

Carlos runs a team of maids that will be in and out of your room and villas during your stay. Cleaning guest's rooms, and common areas in villas and assisting in meal services. 

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