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map of zihuatanejo

Pacific Vacation sits on the waterfront overlooking Zihuatanejo bay. The interactive map below can show you various points of interest by zooming in and out and dragging in various directions. The bay appears much larger than it is actually. The trip from a Pacific Vacation to Playa Ropa is approximately 12 minutes by car. And the walk from a Pacific Vacation across the bridge into Centro is approximately 10 minutes.

zihuatanejo beaches map

This map is a little easier to see where Pacific Vacation is located mark with a red star. The bridge that goes over the lagoon is 2,300 feet from the villas, about a six-minute walk. The bridge is where the beaches that make up the horseshoe bay start, the public pier to catch a water taxi, and Centro, where all the shops and restaurants are located. 

zihuatanejo beaches map.gif
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