Zihuatanejo…Still Old-World Mexico

If hearing “let’s go to Mexico on our next vacation” brings to mind long buffet and drink lines at “all-inclusive resorts” in beach towns that have been Americanize to the point you could have just driven to a beach on the Texas coastline, you’re not alone.

Golden beaches line both sides of this beautiful country with sportfishing being one of the biggest tourist attractions. However, one of the best beach towns in Mexico is a little town on the Pacific coastline nestled around a true horseshoe bay, Zihuatanejo. Zee-what-a-knee-ho? Never heard of it? Most people haven’t but some have heard of the town three miles down the road, Ixtapa. The Zihuatanejo - Ixtapa area still has traditional Mexico charm.

You won’t find a Starbucks, Nautica or Senor Frogs in Zihuatanejo, or a Carlos and Charlie for that matter. If that is your thing, head on over to Ixtapa and if you don’t look closely you might pass by for one of the popular local establishments. What you will find in Zihuatanejo is over 100 local family owned restaurants, bars and shops. Let’s not forget the beaches which Zihuatanejo has four of the most amazing beaches on the Pacific Ocean in the entire world and Ixtapa has an island!

Eating out in Zihuatanejo as more options than just tacos and Corona. However, if you do eat tacos these are the real deal with every tortilla homemade that morning with fresh ground corn by a grandmother. Mexican cuisine is the most popular of course. Seafood is also very popular and being a fishing town, “catch of the day” really means caught that morning. Fresh fish is prepared sushi style, grilled, fried, sashimi and ceviche styled. Italian and Mediterranean food come from the early centuries of European influence in Mexico’s history. The fresh made pasta with rich sauces and home grown produce make for a dining experience. Ixtapa dining out is focused around Marina Ixtapa. Beautiful meals, amazing wine list and yachts as far as the eye can see. One thing to remember when dining out in Zihuatanejo Ixtapa, is almost all if it will be made fresh and won’t come from a box or bag.