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Tipping: When and How Much?

Whether this is your first or third time renting a luxury vacation home, you may still be confused about how much to tip the staff. Luxury vacation villas generally provide more staff and a higher level of personalized service; therefore, warranting more generous tips than the staff at a luxury hotel. You will have daily direct contact and come to know the staff by name. The amount you tip will depend upon the quality and quantity of service, length of your stay, and the size of your group. A suggested gratuity of 20%-25% of the villa rental cost is split among the staff. If your rental was $5000 USD, then plan on $1000-$1250 USD in gratuity. 


Property Manager

Once you have arrived at the villa, our Property Manager will be waiting to greet your group. Unlike hotels that offer limited service, a luxury vacation rental property manager will be available from the moment you arrive until the day you leave. Our property manager is available for you 10-12 hours a day. Did your back go out, and do you need a chiropractor? Our property manager will likely steer you to their own trusted chiropractor and even drive you there.

Our property manager books your tours, activities, and services and will make sure you are picked up at the correct villa, will re-confirm your tour and pick-up time the day before, and let you know if there are any unexpected changes or delays. This alone will save you time, energy, and frustration by making recommendations perfectly suited to your needs and that everything runs smoothly. Any bookings our property manager makes for you will cost the same as if you made them yourself but without all the hassle. Our property manager will only recommend tour companies that are safe, fun, and professional.

Assistant Property Manager

The assistant property manager is onsite daily, ensuring the pool is clean, the plants are watered, and the room is all in working order. He also runs many errands the property manager's guest requests, such as going to the store for more beer! As part of the team, he will help clean the kitchen after large dinner services and “closed down” the villa for the night.

Executive Housekeeper / Housekeepers

While you are at the pool or on the beach, coming back to a freshly cleaned room is always nice. The maids will spend most of their workday out of your sight. They also assist in the meal preparations and clean-up of the kitchen after meals.


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