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When dining at Pacific Vacation, the beautiful views over the pool and bay are included. You can enjoy some great traditional Mexican food and numerous seafood dishes or try some of the local specialties like Huachinango (red snapper) with tomato or garlic sauce. Zihuatanejo is surrounded by several mango farms, making them a staple at most tables.


Fun fact: Adrian grows a variety of hot peppers and several fruit-producing limes, mango, and coconut trees all around Villa Encantada and Villa Bahia.


Meals are served one of three ways at Pacific Vacation; buffet style, family style or plated. Service style depends on your group's “vibe” or request. Buffet-style service works great with the littles and more casual food like tacos. Family-style meals are best for meals in serving bowls and platers, like salads and pasta. Plated meals tend to be served for more formal meals like dinner that include steaks cooked to order.


Regardless of the style of meal service we request the “theme” of the food be the same for all guests during a meal. Pasta night and taco night will not work on the same night. Our kitchen is a typical home kitchen and cannot accommodate cooking different meal types simultaneously due to limited space and grill location.

All food and drinks are for pickup. "Pickup" is by the staff. Your items will be in the villa kitchen.

Your "time" is the date and time of your inbound flight. This service is only for guests of Pacific Vacation. 

Your phone number needs to include the country code. For the USA 001.  Enter phone as shown 0019723478085

The food shopping cart is only on this page; the shopping cart at the top is for the souvenir store.

Orders are required to be placed 3 days before your arrival—please, one order per group reservation.