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Savor the Local Flavor: Embracing the Culinary Scene on Your Getaway

At Pacific Vacation |, we continuously strive to refine and enhance the experiences we offer at our villa rentals. After much consideration and valuable feedback from our guests, we have made a thoughtful decision to discontinue the private chef service. This change aims to enrich your vacation, providing more freedom and opportunities to explore the culinary delights of your destination.

A World of Culinary Exploration Awaits

One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is the chance to immerse oneself in local culture, and what better way to do that than through food? In destinations like Zihuatanejo, where more than 100 unique restaurants beckons, our guests can indulge in a variety of culinary adventures every day. From traditional local dishes to international cuisines, the options are vast and varied.

Embracing Dietary Diversity

We recognize that dietary needs and preferences are highly personal and can vary significantly. By choosing your own dining spots, you can navigate your dietary requirements more comfortably and directly. This autonomy ensures that your meals are not only safe but also to your liking, enhancing your overall vacation experience.

Enjoying Unmatched Privacy

We understand that vacation is a time for relaxation and privacy. Without a private chef, you can enjoy your meals without the presence of unfamiliar faces in your personal space. This change means your villa truly feels like your own sanctuary, where you can relax fully with your family and friends. The most common feedback about private chef services was that having a chef onsite all day, every time you walked into the general area of the kitchen, was unnecessary.

Cost-Effective Vacationing

Removing the private chef service also allows us to offer more competitive pricing on our villa rentals. This cost-efficiency benefits you directly, making your vacation more affordable or freeing up your budget for other exciting activities and experiences during your stay. Cost savings were the most common factor for why guests felt the services were unnecessary.

Freedom to Choose Your Moments

Deciding when and where to eat should be as relaxing and enjoyable as every other aspect of your vacation. Without the need to coordinate with a private chef, you have the freedom to decide on the spur of the moment—whether you’re in the mood for a late breakfast, an early dinner, or a midnight snack in town.

At Pacific Vacation, our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable and personalized vacation experience. We believe that exploring local restaurants and managing your dining choices personally will allow you to have a more authentic and enjoyable stay. We are excited for you to discover not just the beauty but also the flavors of your chosen destination. Happy dining and happy travels!

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