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The Mexico Tourist Card Online: A Hassle-Free Way to Enter Mexico

If you're planning to visit Mexico soon and want to avoid the long queues and hassle at the immigration counter, we have excellent news! Mexico now offers a hassle-free way of entering the country called the Mexico Tourist Card. This online system simplifies the entry process, making it a breeze for visitors to enter the country. Moreover, this program is now available online and can be completed before you leave for Mexico. Remember, entry into Mexico is a two-part system: immigration followed by customs and border patrol inspection. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about Mexico's Tourist Card and how it can help make your travel entry process faster through immigration.

What is a Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico Tourist Card is an official document all foreign visitors must complete before entering Mexico. The card is a simple form that collects basic information about the traveler, including their name, and nationality. This form is only to be used for visitors on vacation. This visa will not permit you to work in Mexico. You only need to complete the form once and list ALL family members TRAVELING with you. Once completed, the document is submitted to Mexican immigration authorities during the visitor's arrival procedure. It's essential to note that this card is only for tourists who will stay in Mexico for less than 180 days and who visit for leisure, not work.

How to Apply for the Mexico Tourist Card

Applying for the Mexico Tourist Card is relatively straightforward, thanks to the online platform on the official website The website has a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the form, and it's as easy as providing basic information such as your full name, family members traveling with you, date of arrival, date of departure, and nationality. Once the form is completed and submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on downloading the document. You can only download the tourist card AFTER you enter Mexico and have your passport scanned. The download is for visitors who must show a tourist card upon DEPARTURE from Mexico. To be safe, we recommend printing the email sent to you before you leave home. Furthermore, flag the email and retain the email throughout your stay in Mexico.

The Advantages of the Mexico Tourist Card

One of the main advantages of the Mexico Tourist Card is the ability to expedite the entry process. This is because visitors with the card don't need to manually fill out the form on arrival at the Mexican airport, saving you considerable time and hassle. This is particularly useful during peak travel times when immigration queues can be excessively long. The benefit of having all your family members on a single form is easier to keep up with before and during your travels. Additionally, the online application process is included in the purchase of your airline ticket, so there's no need to worry about paying any extra fees.

Are Paper Entry Forms Still Available?

Mexican authorities have started to phase out paper entry forms on flights arriving in Mexico. This means that some airlines may not provide these forms onboard, so having a valid Mexico Tourist Card before your departure is essential. A printed copy of your email and backup digital copies can be useful, ensuring you have all the necessary documentation available for immigration authorities.

How to clear customs?

The Mexico Tourist Card does not replace the customs inspection process. When you arrive in Mexico, you must complete a "Customs Form." Normally, you will get this form on the plane to Mexico. The Customs Form is ONE per family, so you need to complete ONE form for everybody traveling together that LIVES together. Learn more about the customs process at Zihuatanejo airport here.


In conclusion, the Mexico Tourist Card is an excellent way to expedite foreign visitors' entry into Mexico. It is included in your airfare to apply and simplifies the entry process by eliminating the need to fill out the form upon arrival. The online system is also easy to use and can be completed before your trip, ensuring you easily enter Mexico. We recommend all international travelers to Mexico use the Mexico Tourist Card to expedite their entry process into the country.

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