Travel insurance in a covid-19 world

After 2020 if there is one thing the world learned, it was life is unpredictable. Covid invaded the world in 2020, and travel came to an abrupt halt overnight. Families who had spent thousands of dollars for upcoming vacations now found themselves on the phone for hours on end trying to secure refunds for canceled vacation packages, accommodations, airfare, prepaid event tickets, rental cars, and so much more.

However, as many people worldwide were locked in their homes part of 2020, some of us still traveled. But the questions that come up all the time are: How do you travel in a Covid world? What if your flights get canceled? What if the country closes the border again? How do you get refunded for travel booked after May 2020? Two simple words: travel insurance. Yes, it still exists, and you should be buying it directly from an insurance carrier, not checking the little box on the bottom of a website page as an afterthought.

What's wrong with the coverage from checking the little box?

Travelers who thought they have coverage soon discovered that clicking that little box provides little if any coverage for a pandemic and a long list of other reasons. One of the biggest issues with buying airline travel insurance from a travel provider is they are only covering that purchase. If you purchase the