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Pretty Bird on the Playa

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

This beautiful bird Military Macaw. This one calls La Perla in Zihuatanejo Mexico home.  It is a wild macaw, but knows that is has an easy life hanging out at one of the busiest beach restaurants in Zihuatanejo.  He is quite the ham, posing for pictures and squawking for food from the near by diners.  I would have tried to hand feed him, but didn’t want to lose a finger in the process.  It was easier to put the food on the tree next to him.  The birds are very friendly, which makes them easy to take home.  Smugglers are caught in the airports with them all the time.  On the downside, the birds tend to carry a virus that can make humans ill.  Also, many birds like these tend to become very depressed when in captivity.  A depressed bird will pull out its own feathers.   Overall, they are better left in the place they choose to call home then in your home.

The military macaw (Ara militaris) is a large parrot and a medium-sized member of the macaw genus. Though considered vulnerable as a wild species, it is still commonly found in the pet trade industry. A predominantly green bird, it is found in the forests of Mexico and South America.Pretty Bird

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