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Villa Pre Stocking Shopping

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

We are very excited about the upcoming season

. In a world where everything is ordered online and shipped or picked up without stepping foot in a store , we have added an online shop for your villa vacation.

We offer a variety of beverages and food items on our online shop. Choose from beer, wine, spirits and food items. All are pre paid and stocked in. your vacation villa by your chef before your arrival. No more running to a store after a long day of travel. Imagine cold beer and fresh made food waiting for your group when you step foot in your vacation villa.

Don’t feel like running out once the party is started? Just login to your vacation account on www. and click away and pay. The Pacific Vacation staff will pick up your items and bring them back that same day.

Just another service available at Pacific Vacation. Happy travels.

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