Zihuatanejo Grocery Delivery Service - The TOP Requested Vacation Rental Amenity

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We live in a world of instant gratification. Amazon will deliver an assortment of products to your doorstep, some within two hours most within two days. Instacart will deliver your groceries within two hours from my array of grocery stores across the United States. Total Wine or Drizzy will deliver all your alcohol needs to your doorstep the same day. So, when you go on vacation, why should you expect anything less? The number one requested short-term vacation rental amenity that I am asked about on every rent is "How do we have food and grocery in the Villa upon our arrival?" It took several years and many different systems before we finally found the perfect balance of providing a service and efficient collection of money.

In the past, guests would email a list of items, and they were expected to honor the bill upon arrival by paying the staff. You would never think this would be an issue, but six margaritas into the day and people forget that a property manager is asking for $500 to cover all the food and booze they are consuming. Upon a second request, the situation becomes a little awkward by the third request guess no longer have cash funds to p