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Interjet To Zihuatanejo.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

If you're one of the lucky travelers that live near an airport that Interjet services you are in for a real treat. This airline has some of the lowest fares we have seen in years to Zihua! We have never paid over $650 per person from Dallas, Texas to Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Our first flight leaves DFW at around 6am and lands in Mexico City around 10am.  We go to one of the many airline / credit card clubs in the airport during our 2 hour layover and enjoy a little breakfast. One of the best features of flying Interjet aside form the the super low price is your don’t have to change terminals.  No matter what airport your are in this tends to involve a train ride or really long walk at the very least. We jump on our flight to ZIH and are in paradise no later than 2pm.

Oh, and another wonderful Interjet feature: Free DRINKS! What a way to jump start your vacation.

We still have have almost an entire day of fun in the sun poolside or beach day.  Check out Interjet for your next trip down to Zihuatanejo!

If you do not live near an airport serviced by Interjet consider flying American Airlines and read about their service on our blog post. 

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