La Cava de Mark - Inside the Glass

Updated: Apr 11

When you walk around Centro Zihuatanejo you are surrounded by numerous open-air restaurants. Many have some type of music playing in the background, staged live entertainment, or a strolling musical group. But when you walk down Pedro Ascencio you come across a brightly lit, but extremely intimate and elegant, glass-enclosed storefront with wine bottles racked from the floor to ceiling and heavy wooden tables and chairs inside. If you are lucky to walk by on the right night you might fall in love with opera.

You have just found your new favorite restaurant, La Cava de Mark roughly translated as Marco's Cellar. Marco Rodriguez brings his love and knowledge of great wines at all price points, ghost tequilas, and wonderful food into an intimate dining experience where everyone is friends by the end of the night. The best part it all happens in air conditioning. 🥰

First, let's talk about the food. IT IS AMAZING!!!! I love rack of lamb. But for some reason, I only eat it when I am in Zihuatanejo, which is often. Marco has perfectly seasoned and grilled lamb that falls off the bone perfectly paired with a mustard sauce or mint jelly. I prefer the mint jelly, because who doesn't love robustly flavored jelly.

Mahi Mahi is so great they named it twice! Fresh Mahi Mahi from the Pacific Ocean with grilled shrimp and a creamy dill sauce. Everyone in our group loves Mahi and this creamy dill sauce takes this tasty fish to the next level. The menu consists of only nine entrees, but all are perfected and delicious. Our group has tried all the menu items and there is no wrong choice at La Cava de Mark.